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  • identify need,
  • routinely explore the suicide prevention needs of all young people accessing the service,
  • improve services,
  • prove success of interventions,
  • show how well services meet LGBT young people's needs,
  • influence local strategies,
  • influence mainstream and specialist service provision,
  • help access funding, and
  • help gather evidence to influence national strategy.


Rosenberg Self Esteem (RSE)
Click here to download the RSE to assess whether immediate action is needed when young person first accesses service.

Model Action Plan
Click here to download a Model Action Plan based on Every Child Matters five outcomes for use in developing Individual Action Plans.

NATnIMP on line
Your organisation can register to use system. There is a fee of £100 which includes a £30 administration fee and £70 per annum thereafter for continued use of the NATnIMP.

For this you will be able to use the sytem to:

  • Collect information comprehensively and consistently using the computer assisted interview
  • Receive an individual report
  • Produce individual action plan based on report
  • Conduct a follow-up IMP
  • Receive a comparative individual report showing findings of NAT and IMP
  • Request a confidential, anonymised, annual independent analysis of the accumulated data.

If you would like to talk about the NAT and IMP in practice you can send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To register call us on 0118 978 1078.

We will:

  • explain how to use the system
  • arrange for payment
  • verify your request
  • activate your account
  • provide help and support contacts, for when you need it

Useful Link
Gay and Lesbian Youth Information Centre ( provides comprehensive information and resources for LGBT youth, their families, and professionals, including sections on Bullying, Coming Out, Health (health inequalities, substance misuse, mental health, sexual health), and Housing; access to a free, in-depth, on-line awareness training course; up-to-date relevant news, and much more.

Organisational Cultural Competence Self Assessment Tool (OCCA) and Work Book
Working with the National Child and Adolescent Mental Health Support Service, and in particular Savita Ayling, Jan Bridget adapted this self assessment tool and work book for CAMHS, to help services become more sensitive to the needs of children and young people from diverse backgrounds.  Click here for Tool and here for Work Book.  Whilst these resources are aimed at local CAMHS teams, they are applicable to any children and young people's service.


Local authorities, Primary Care Trusts, providers and commissioners of services, all must take account of the needs of young people in their area, including  LGBT young people.  
We need to keep up to date with the needs of LGBT young people

After several years experience and by drawing on the analysis and the report, the NATnIMP have been further amended and made even more robust.
The NATnIMP are available for LGBT groups to use. 
No need to "Reinvent the Wheel"!